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The Garnet Clinical Model: From Addiction to Joy

The Psychology Practice of Dr. Charles Zeiders wishes to thank the Global Addictions Recovery Network (GARNET) for permission to display the GARNET Operating System for Global Recovery™.  Dr….

The Clinical Christ

The Clinical Christ: Scientific and Spiritual Reflections on the Transformative Psychology Called Christian Holism The Clinical Christ presents an overview of healing potential in apsychotherapeutic method which includes…

Religion & Spirituality

The Clinical Psychology Practice of Dr. Zeiders specializes in treating religious patients who seek a psychologist to respect the importance of their religious faith in relation to their…


Welcome to the Special Archives section. Here you’ll find Dr. Zeiders’ articles and publications like The Clinical Christ and PsychoEnergetic Healing as well as Lectures and other works.

Psychotherapy & Counseling

The Clinical Psychology Practice of Dr. Zeiders treats mental, emotional, and nervous disorders using psychological means.  Respecting the Medical Model to navigate human experience, Dr. Zeiders diagnoses patients…