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The Anthropological & Scientific Case for Psychoenergetic Healing

Abstract Part 1. This dissertation examines psychoenergetic (bioenergy) psychotherapy, the anthropological and scientific/medical validity of bioenergy as a construct, and three psychoenergetictherapy paradigms with mature theories and interventions….

The Clinical Christ

The Clinical Christ: Scientific and Spiritual Reflections on the Transformative Psychology Called Christian Holism The Clinical Christ presents an overview of healing potential in apsychotherapeutic method which includes…

The Psychophysiology of The Jesus Prayer

As a psychologist and practicing Anglo-Catholic, I sometimes prescribe the Jesus Prayer as a psychological and behavioral treatment for Christian patients who suffer from various types of nervous…

The Garnet Clinical Model: From Addiction to Joy

The Psychology Practice of Dr. Charles Zeiders wishes to thank the Global Addictions Recovery Network (GARNET) for permission to display the GARNET Operating System for Global Recovery™.  Dr….

Coaching Example

Dear Mr. S, It has been a pleasure of my practice to have provided you with 7 hours of Executive and Life-Coaching Services. During our consultations you have…