The Clinical Psychology Practice of Dr. Zeiders provides executive coaching and life-coaching services. Eligible candidates must be over 30 years of age, engaged in their chosen field for 5 or more years, and have a deep sense of vocation. Ideal candidates experience an intense blending of their person with their profession. Additional services Dr. Zeiders provides to business persons include:

 Psychological analysis of business dynamics

 Strategies for advancement:

  • Debriefing in the face of job loss or advancement
  • Mitigation of stress strategies in the face of organizational politics
  • Psychological profiling of business associates
What is Neurology? by Dr Charles Zeiders What is Neurotheology?
Neurotheology is a new science that explores how brain and nervous system states might create, correlate with, or inform our understanding of religious experience. With new instrumentation we can explore our bodies and how they respond to various types of religious experience. Exploring the nervous system’s relationship to religious experience helps interdisciplinary thinkers...
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The Clinical Christ by Dr Charles Zeiders Read The Clinical Christ
The Clinical Christ is a radical departure from today's demystified form of analytic psychiatry and psychology. The insights and examples gleaned from Dr. Zeiders' professional experience will bring renewed hope to all who seek to discover true wholeness. 
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