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Faith, Forensics, and Firearms

A Case Study with Discussion of Professional and Spiritual Considerations for Forensic Experts of Faith. Download  

Curriculum Vitae

For a copy of Dr. Zeider’sĀ Curriculum Vitae, click here.

The Clinical Christ

The Clinical Christ: Scientific and Spiritual Reflections on the Transformative Psychology Called Christian Holism The Clinical Christ presents an overview of healing potential in apsychotherapeutic method which includes…

The Psychophysiology of The Jesus Prayer

As a psychologist and practicing Anglo-Catholic, I sometimes prescribe the Jesus Prayer as a psychological and behavioral treatment for Christian patients who suffer from various types of nervous…

Religion & Spirituality

The Clinical Psychology Practice of Dr. Zeiders specializes in treating religious patients who seek a psychologist to respect the importance of their religious faith in relation to their…

Beyond Success Online Interview with Dr. Zeiders

Please share with us what prompted you to begin your solo consulting practice? As a Clinical Psychologist, my job is to know human nature. Otherwise, psychotherapy would not…

The Garnet Clinical Model: From Addiction to Joy

The Psychology Practice of Dr. Charles Zeiders wishes to thank the Global Addictions Recovery Network (GARNET) for permission to display the GARNET Operating System for Global Recovery™.  Dr….


Charles Zeiders, PsyD Licensed Psychologist Diplomate in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology Certified Cognitive Forensic Therapist Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Christian Counselor National Certified Counselor Office: Christian Counseling and Therapy Associates of the…