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The Anthropological & Scientific Case for Psychoenergetic Healing

Abstract Part 1. This dissertation examines psychoenergetic (bioenergy) psychotherapy, the anthropological and scientific/medical validity of bioenergy as a construct, and three psychoenergetictherapy paradigms with mature theories and interventions….


Welcome to the Special Archives section. Here you’ll find Dr. Zeiders’ articles and publications like The Clinical Christ and PsychoEnergetic Healing as well as Lectures and other works.


Dr. Charles Zeiders has logged thousands of hours of psychotherapy in private practice, addressing many clinical situations and client populations. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in…


The Clinical Psychology Practice of Dr. Zeiders is available for legal and forensic consultations. Dr. Charles Zeiders is a forensic and clinical psychologist located in the greater Philadelphia…

Psychotherapy & Counseling

The Clinical Psychology Practice of Dr. Zeiders treats mental, emotional, and nervous disorders using psychological means.  Respecting the Medical Model to navigate human experience, Dr. Zeiders diagnoses patients…