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Dr. Charles Zeiders furnishes very discreet consulting to professionals who value confidentiality.

A Post-doctoral Fellow of the University of Pennsylvania’s famous Center for Cognitive Therapy, Dr. Zeiders is among the few clinicians who unify CBT, Jungian Psychology, and Integrative Mental Health.

Dr. Zeiders is a Diplomate in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (NACBT) and author of papers explicating the mind/body impact of spiritual behavior.

Patients may consult with Dr. Zeiders either in person or via phone. He may be retained briefly or for duration.

He is an accomplished psychotherapist with thousands of clinical hours devoted to effective treatments.

Articles and his book The Clinical Christ can be found in the “Articles and Publication” section of this site. Read about Dr. Zeiders to learn about his clinical practice and professional interests.

His clinical practice marries the post-modern mind to perennial psychology and connects social science to spiritual wisdom. He applies such knowledge to assist clients to transition from distress to positive psychology.

A versatile professional, Dr. Zeiders is known for his exciting ideas, progressive leadership, and deeply humane manner.

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drzeiders_portraitCharles L. Zeiders, PsyD – Clinical Psychologist, Expert Witness in Private Practice featured on Beyond Success: keeping Non-Profits Competitive.

Faith, Forensics, and Firearms

A Case Study with Discussion of Professional and Spiritual Considerations for Forensic Experts of Faith. Download

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