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The Anthropological & Scientific Case for Psychoenergetic Healing

Abstract Part 1. This dissertation examines psychoenergetic (bioenergy) psychotherapy, the anthropological and scientific/medical validity of bioenergy as a construct, and three psychoenergetictherapy paradigms with mature theories and interventions….

A Christian Healing Energy Study

Statistical, Qualitative, and Factor Analytical Outcomes of a Survey of the Experience of Healing Energy among a Subgroup of the Association of Christian Therapists Charles Zeiders, Pys.D. Audrey…


Welcome to the Special Archives section. Here you’ll find Dr. Zeiders’ articles and publications like The Clinical Christ and PsychoEnergetic Healing as well as Lectures and other works.

What is Neurotheology?

Neurotheology is a new science that explores how brain and nervous system states might create, correlate with, or inform our understanding of religious experience. With new instrumentation we…